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How To make Creepy Pasta Soup 
(The Officer Creepy pasta Manga story)

Episode 1 : The Girl that fall down the Grizzly rabbit hole  

("Earth a world teaming with life and beauty,full of mystery and wonders. But this story take place  in a place far far away in A.U  ,similar to earth. But this is the world of dream and nightmares. One particular part of this world  was located in a dark spooky forest, called
"The Creepy Pasta Forest"  Home to some of the most creepiest, most wicked  , most twisted imaginable  creatures of all time. The Creepy Pasta. In  the forest however 2 collage boy were busy looking for kick and fun and had accidentally, fell into this  world. They were wondering though the woods, looking for Slendy's  notes. The one guys had flash light and was leading the other guy that was nervous following behind him)

Guy 2-"Um hey... maybe we should turn back or find away out of here at less. I'm starting to have really bad feeling about all this" 

Guy 2-
" lets forget about this whole thing about , looking  for slender guys notes"

Guy 1-"Don't be such chicken ,I swear your such a girl at times you know"

Guy 1-"You  want Christen to notice you a school, right?"

Guy 2-"Ya"

Guy 1-
"Then you got to prove, how much of a real though guy you are"

Guy 2-"If..If you say so"

(Just the nervous guys heard ,something behind him a  drum thunder beat noise and a rushing in bushing)

Guy 2-"Hey,whats that?" ( turn around , and something  grabs him. Before he bluet a world. The other  didn't notices ,and keep on walking)

Guy 1-"It's nothing let's go... ( before he finish speaking , he felt  something eerie was going on. So he turn around only to see that, his friend go missing)

Guy 1-"Hey, Eric, were...

Guy 1-" Hey..Were ya go, hey i  was just kidding about before you know right?"( he said terr-field as began to nervous sweat all over his body) 

Guy 1-"Your not  coward... your bravest guy i know.Even more braver..then me. Just shows your self already!!!"

Guy 1-"It's starting to freak me out" ( the guy then felt presences behind his, back slowly turn around. To notice large tail tail , face less man in a suit. It was Slender Man politely saying)

Slender Man-"Hello there my good friend , I do believe you have some very importantly to me" 

Slender Man-"Now then my child , would you be so kind, as to hand back all the notes you have stolen from me"(He said ans bent down to his level. Extending his one of arms , as if he was expecting the guy to give notes back to him. Before things got messy

Slender Man-"Before  you.... end up like your friend..other there" ( Slender man slowly point to body of his friend that lay hanging  between 2 of tree's. Torn in half and blood dripping down everyone. The guy fall back in fear and in terror , he looked back  up at slendy with fearful eyes. As did the only thing
he scream out

Guy 1-
"AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Guy 1-
( he scream as he reckless darted off into the woods)

(Slender man looked puzzled as scratch the top of his head , with one of his black tentacles) 
"Was that not a simple request?" he mutter in his mind

Slender Man-"Sign..."

Slender Man-"Must everyone soul i meet run away.. it would be so much more easier...

Slender Man-"If they would just replay to my request" 

Slender Man-"Ah...I had really long day at work. And i have to come home to this"

Slender Man-" Oh well, I have nothing better to do"

Slender Man-

Slender Man-
"Let the hunt begin, I supposed"

(Slender Man  chase after  the guy using , his teletporting powers. He took longer the excepted , but eventfully he mangiest  to find the guy just he collect all 8 pages. As was about to head to the exit. Slender Man used Scream Blast at  less sec , to killed him. He return to home / the h.q of the "Slender Proxy" , a large old black wooden stead in middle of woods.
exhausted and out of breath as he  moron. And walk up the stair to his home)

Slender Man-"Urg...."

Slender Man-
"That took why why longer, then then i expected to.... i'm exhausted "

Slender Man-
" I can't believe that child mangiest to find all 8 of pages , and he was o most at the exit to"

(When slender open  the, door sally happy jump into his arms)

"Slendy slendy slendy  , can you play with me now?"

Slender Man-"Sorry..Sally i play with you later" ( puts her down and pat's her on the head)


Slender Man-"Right now i'm not..I not feeling up to it"

Slender Man-"I'm sorry my dear"


Slender Man-"Don't worry sally, my dear I play with you later , now run along my dear. And go play with your  teddies or something"

" You really Promise , to play with me later?? ( pink promised slendy)

Slender Man-"I promise ( bend down and pinky promise her back) , now run along , and  let you big brother slendy have his rest"

(smiles)"K... ,( talks to her teddy bear) come on haggles lets play.. with the humans skulls" ( runs of some were in the house)

Splendor Man -"Hey ya ,slendy why the long face?" (splendor man said with delightful  simile)

Splendor Man -"Let's tun that frown up side down"

(change to his evil side. In scary demonic voice)Splendor Man -"Or else i rip off your face , and sell your instances "

(quickly changes back to his happy self)Splendor Man -"opps sorry about that ( cover his mouth with one hand and laughs a bit) he he he"

Splendor Man -"Must have slip my mouth"

Slender Man-"I don't want to take about it...let's just say, it was long long exhausting day"

(masky over heard the conversation. Poops his head out monitor room. To see it  was slendy , he ran over to the entrance, nervously saying) 

"Goo-Good to see you boss , and might I  say you look absolutely fabulous to day"

Masky-"Let's me guess ,  a brand new suit eh eh eh ???" ( nouges his shoulders in friendly way)

Masky-(smiles)" did the hunt go boss, delightful I hope?"

Slender Man-
"(looks of displeasement)"Oh Masky it was terrible , there was 2 of those children this time"

Slender Man-
"And one of them nearly grub all the notes..honest when will those human even learn to stay  out of property"

Slender Man-
"And i even wrote those notes, warning them to say away...sign"

"Oh my...that does sound bad"

" But i'm sure , the great slender man such as yourself. Took care of it , with no problem at all"

"Right boss?"

Slender Man-
"Ya...sure no problem for me at all..I guess"

Slender Man-
"Just wish  i could befriend a human , or maybe understand them better"

"You don't need worry about silly things like that slendy. Human companion today is  so over rate in today's stander's"

"It's says so in the latest issues of "How to Life Creepy Life Manganese" see!?" (shows slendy the manganese)

Slender Man-
(looks carefully at it)
"Oh...So it seems"

"Besides it's better  of just killing them slender , so they won't steal stuff , am i right slender buddy?"

Slender Man-
"Ya..I guess so..Still i wish things would have gone a lot smother today"

Slender Man-
"Oh well , i must find pace(time for) myself to relax" (leaves to his room , But masky had one thing to say)

"Oh  wait,one thing boss before you go. I just waned  to say there's no more humans in sight"

(Mumbles to himself)"according to the human monitor that is"

Slender Man-
"Well that's delightful news..good work  my boy"

"I'm just happy to hear , you praising me boss Slendy"

(End of part one)


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United States
hi i'am collage kid whose very creative and imaginative but can't draw very well. So i'am looking for people who can help me out with my Manghwa idea's. it's pretty much a cross between a manga and manwha it's pretty much like Japanese picture book , but you can't color it.
My Dream in life is to someday become the worlds greatest inventor with world's greatest army (my own army)

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zaphyrae Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch >_<

Have a llama ^^
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really that's so cool thanks so much, ok then lets do "Dream Revolution"  a story about young tomboyish girl that get transport to magically world  of f. children's dream call "Dream World" in land land know as "Dream Kingdom" as she begins her journey to dream knight in hows she find her one true love her prince charming. But along the way bunch stuff happen she faces tons of foes makes pact( a guild in world of many kind knights). And whose body get inherit by ex-general of the litchi king , whose slowly turning her into a guy. As the if these fairy tail couldn't get any worse.

In case these story sounds to  girly and dramatic theirs also my idea of "SSTGI-X2" the story of collage boy name "Alice" whose returns to the world of his dreams a massive online game which half of the world population on it (another it's mostly play by collage studies) call "SSTGI-X2" (in the year 2133) another it's not the same as he remember. And now he reclaim his failing glory and work his way by up to the top  again , and worse species in the entire game the synapse. Sounds easy enough challenge well game on.
xjanero Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student General Artist
I really like the second story but can it be called STGI-X2

Stitch clap plz [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon 
GirlyKnight Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
sure thing dude!!! i love your icons so lets just begin the first page. which 3 page manga page ( like 3 long stripe son top of each other ,only there pictures. ) The top picture shows that  of old man being interview by the young women in futuristic new channel room . The picture below that shows the collage dorms which  look more like motel complex then dorms. With the collage sign saying"Granger Private University" being held up  hold up by stone made arc. The final picture below that shows a dorm room number 233 . Thanks if you can draw this page for me soon
xjanero Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student General Artist
But reading ep1, I have some ideas about the story. 
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KendoTHeSaiyan Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
Im really grateful for the watch, thanks a lot ^^
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