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Proxy Hunter Allied

Name:Jessie Udha


Height:145-147cm's ( yup he's quite the shortly)

Weight:36 kg (averaged weight for a Japanese school girl , but no so averaged for Japanese school boy)

Region: Lives in small town in a mist of a a forest , that's some were in japan. (Ya I haven't come up name of this quite little forest town yeti. But when i do i let you know)

Occupation: ( in human world):Just you averaged high school boy. 
A 2nd year high school student,at "Frill Wood Academy"

Physic traits: Yup pretty much short, girly , thin, weak. But his powers makes up for all that

Belongs to: The Lonely Knights ( he'll make up soon. In my anyways)

Position in group:

Species:Half Pasta ( a half that have immortally and can used creepy pasta like powers ability. For 15 mins at a time thanks to there anti creepy pasta curse items. An the fact  that they half soul of creepy pasta within them. So ya look evil power emitters within them , so channel that raw energy into there curse items to gain power.)

Half pasta type: Ritual aka summoner type- A half pasta that used an creepy pasta ritual or magical symbols to summon a creature or creatures to aid them or give them strength and power. In battle

Personality: Loves to fight ,egotist , face stuff had on. Trouble maker , anger mangiest issue ( gets pissed of really easily) , never gives up , always ready those in needs.Self center at times, energetic (gets into the zone real fast) , love challenges , hides his true feeling at times.Like 2 act like  a tough guys and is a huge moron  to. An a huge show off at times to , and is shy around girls. Love adventures and loves to have fun.Just your stereotypical shounen anime boy form action series like nartuo , bleach , or one piece. Annoying little brother personality at times and is a big teaser .

Appearance: A short feminine high school boy, who has brown hair and light brown eyes.Whose hair style looks like this… (number 12 though)

An his school uniform is like this…

But instead  he has brown coat and  and everything under neath that is white. His parts are kind of light brown color and shoes are dark brown 2

Back Ground: Is he's a kid  that had some hardship with his life. You see his parents left him one day, with his aunt and uncle to take care of him. From early time of his life but they never came back , there ship was found ship wreak against a coast line. But his uncle and his aunt never told him about it , but some how he knew in his heart. What had become his parents , he never admit it to himself and keep his feeling shut about it.

But he had always been fascinating  by his uncles stories. Of how when he was young his father (Jessie grandpa)  and him would sail to many un seen places and had ton of adventures with each. Before he to was lost at sea. The idea of going  to unknown place having adventures put wonders in his mind at that time. An he knew same day that want to become a true hard core adventurer

How ever  at his schools that when 2, all the other  kids would always pick  on and bully him. Cause he was so short and girly, he was hopeless to do anything about it. So he would always come home crying about to his uncle every day about problems at school, but his uncle would bright up his day with a smile. An told everything would fine.

But When uncle past away due to age and a disease , he felt very alone inside. He couldn't no long coup with the other kids bully him at school.Even when  aunt try cheer him up ,he go into his alone and cry himself 2 sleep.
When he enter middle school  he become quite trouble maker soon after. An started to getting  into all  kind fights , with other kids, and local school gang members. To make sure no one ever miss with him again. He soon begin to build trouble some rip from himself , that most other kid because afraid of and they soon started leaving him alone.Even after he enter high school most people,stay away him. When trouble some thing that he had done in the past.

Currently Family:

Aunt Marlen- and kind and gentle old lady that toking care of Jessie, as if he was her own son all though out his life.She only family Jessie has left. But she worries some time about him , especially when get into fight with other boys around town. She worries he will become morel like his grandpa when he was young, a young rebel who loves to fight against the world for under standing him. But something else that is trouble her ,she is stick and will die soon. But she tell Jessie yeti , it will brake his heart

Powers/special ability: He can summon a brown creatures call an "Eumpholump"

Which looks like cross between and woolly mammoth and a bunny rabbit . Bunny rabbit like noise/body, woolly mammoth ears , and feet switch around ( size feet hide legs small fronts leg long a big). The feet are kind bear like but sharps claws. The creatures is self is small enough to fit in you pocket
Summon him though a brown magical symbol  on the palm his left hand
It jumps roll up into a glowing red clay ball. That model into anything.Which becomes life size and life with power flowing though it.

Anti creepy pasta curse Item:  

Mōrudo kanagata no nendo

(In English that means "Mold Mold Clay")

Special Attack:

Kanagata Supia ( He magically forms his glowing red clay substance using his mind into a power spear .Which contents allot of his energy , that magical become life size. He throws it all his foes and land critical strike every-time , that does tons of damage 

But he has long whys to go before he masters his powers and become a true "half pasta"

Proxy Hunter Allied:Jessie Udha
Hey this all you need to know. about my latest half pasta guy , who just happen to be allied of the proxy hunter. An the leader of the soon to be "Lonely Knights" It Jessie Udha
Let  Me Just  take a selfie by GirlyKnight
Let Me Just take a selfie
Yup this is me guys me all my (ugliness i think)

My name is Phillip  and i'll be 20 in just a few weeks
Hey guys i just made a slender boy tribute on my you tube. So go cheack it out!!

Izumo true self and in ward demon by GirlyKnight
Izumo true self and in ward demon
All credit goes…

This pic shows the world with in Izumo mind. The only this is  there not naked ( pervert grin)
But it shows his true self crying in pain as his evil self. As his evil self takes over his body. Turn him into demonic fox to make him do things he does not want to do.

Evil Beastly Izumo: You can't escape me, not matter what you do

Evil Beastly Izumo: Your weak and perfection. That way always girls girl always bullied.

True Izumo (teary face): no i'm not weak i'm not!

Evil Beasty: Why do let me take over for awhile, i make sure no one will harm you every again!

True Izumo: (crying and snobs): i'm..i'm sorry every one for what i'm about to do. I just..i just can't control myself right now 

True Izumo: just stay from me..right now... right now

True Izumo: i'm a monster

(change into a  human size demonic fox)

<da:thumb id="483191690"><da:thumb id="483499544">

And lets out a creepy blood screaming roar

Reddish Raid human form by GirlyKnight
Reddish Raid human form
All credit goes to…

I think one turn out pretty sweet. Only thing was  that couldn't find his hair style that I wanted for him originally.But i think I like this hair style of his much better. Then the one that I originally though of, it suits him more don't your guys think?

Any ways here some his basic stats

Age 26

Height 196cm's

Belongs to Proxy group :The Black Order"

Super Natural powers: can control hell flames 
Hey guys i just made a slender boy tribute on my you tube. So go cheack it out!!


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United States
hi i'am collage kid whose very creative and imaginative but can't draw very well. So i'am looking for people who can help me out with my Manghwa idea's. it's pretty much a cross between a manga and manwha it's pretty much like Japanese picture book , but you can't color it.
My Dream in life is to someday become the worlds greatest inventor with world's greatest army (my own army)

I'm good old fashion hard core anti-Americanism . An darn proud to be one

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