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STGI-Zero Pro.T
Episode 2: Tough lucky kid First Match up  Peach V.s The Leo Lion

(As we last left our hero Peach , had just enter the area. After being transport psychic into the game world of "STGI". He about to enter fight of his life. As the announcer , which duck in suit wearing sun glass , with flat spiky hair style. made a big speech meant) 

Announcer-"Hello ..hello and welcome all to , this weeks exciting match up  of contesting"

"They come from all across the Galaxy , just for a chance  to win it all"

"In the Gladiator Death Match Duel"!!"

"Were the pin against deadliest monster , furious beast , tops killer and the deadest warrior from across the galaxy"

" All waiting to tear , them apart limb by limb"

Announcer-"Now then folks let us intro to today's competition" 

Announcer-"In this corner  corner only waning ruffing around 36kg ,it's Peach"

(As Peach walk forward  to center of the area. The coward shouted very nasty things and boo at him)

People in the coward-"BOOOOOOOOOOO" ( they shouted as they throw stuff at peach)

Other dude in coward-
go home

Order dude in coward-
"Your going to get toast ..kid"

Guy in the the coward-you suck!!!"

Announcer-"Ha ha ha quiet the commotion today eh folks?

Announcer-"But it doesn't look like shrimp will make pass first round"

Announcer-"So don't brother leaving your seats folks, it will be all over with soon"

(but the negatively was already starting to get to peach. As he though)

(sign)("it's already happening. Everyone's already doubting me")

("No..(shakes his head) i can't let get to me!!)

"No i won't let it get to me, I Just have to stand tall and be brave. An think possessive that i can win")

Peach-(catch his first to himself ,as he get's him self fire up to think)("Ya!")

"I have to be ready to face what every there throw at me")

Announcer-"The kid standing brave , but will his bravery  be enough defeated his challengers"

(At the other end of the Area, directly across from peach position. A Large rusted metal dark green gate . Slowly started to opening up)

Announcer-"He comes from ferocious bad lands of "Kquhedama 39" from the Carlos region "

Announcer-"It's a "Leo Lion!"

(A ferocity giant size lion. With a yellow  princess crown on his head with purple jewel in it. Similar to that of princess bubble gum from adventure time. With 2  purple/golden out line anime like angel jewelry on side of it's head. Come stumbling into the area growing and drooling like a wild beast)

(Peach then lost all his sense bravely he had gather moments before. As his feet and body tumbling, he barely hold up his right hand to say) 

"Um...hi--th-thhere..nice Lion"

(The beast took a look at peach , staring dead in the eyes. An let out loud)

Leo Lion-"RRRRRAAAAAAAWWWW" ( The coward then cheer at the exciting thought, of the the wild beast ripping apart. Peach flesh by flesh)

Peach-(Peach sweated a little as he though)("On...sec thought the idea of wining this fight. Does sound a bit far fetch") (but before he could even fish his though. The announce said)

Announcer-"An begin the match!!"

(The Leo Lion Then change straight at peach. With out a seced thought peach ran for his life thinking)

Peach-("There no way i can win against something that")

Peach-("I'm so dead if I get caught by it")

Peach-("Maybe it i get over exhaust it self. It's only thing i'm good at after all. Is just running away")

(after thinking that he spent new few moments for his life , dodged attack after attack. The coward and urged for his death, with more excitement in there eye. Peach then heard a voice a guy with slightly deeper voice in his head saying)

????Guys Voice-("What the hell are you doing , ruining away like a little sissy, get out there an kick his ass already")

????Guys Voice-("Way are so scared of some furry ball huh?")

????Guys Voice-("Didn't you say that you wouldn't be coward anymore, when you  took on the task of being a heroic champion?")

????Guys Voice-(
"How annoying, so really are just like all the other guys huh?)

????Guys Voice-("You Talk big at first and say you  going to become a big shoot hero too")

????Guys Voice-("But when things get to hard or difficulty challenging you just give up and  running away. Like the little pussy you are")

????Guys Voice-("Come on!!...Don't you have any pride as a guy as warrior even at all?"

Peach-("What are taking about, there's no way a guy like me can win against some thing like that")

"Just look at me i'm so wimpy, small,thin, and girly .I couldn't possible stand a chance against that thing")

"Besides who are you anyways?")

Other Self/Avatar-(
"I'm your avatar, we share one body , but were 2 minds a like")

"Ok but even if i do stop running away and fight. I won't know what to, I never forgot anyone in my life before until now. IDK how to fight ok")

Other Self/Avatar-("Well better how  to and soon")

Other Self/Avatar-(
"Now quite acting like a pansy. An be the hero you were meant to be")

Other Self/Avatar-(
"Used you berserk ability already before were both killed")

Peach-("What..... but how?")

Other Self/Avatar-(sign...)("Aright since were stuck together. I supposed give you a tip and but only this one time only you got it?")

Peach-"Ya sure just help me out"

Other Self/Avatar-("Our  mind and body are  link as one, so look deeply with yourself  and your find your answer")

Peach-("I'm sure not what you mean by that.. but i give it a try") ( peach the close his eyes. Still running and dodging the attack from the Leo lion. He close his eye and try to look deep with in him self for the answers. Then memories of past he did recognize come to him , showing him how to  used the Ability) 

(He then stop ruining away raise his sword high into the air. He called out his ability  

Peach- "Berserk Ability Active" 

(For a sec a glowing red aura surround his body.Make him 10x's more strong. The beast  swag his claws at peach. But he block it with his shield.It lower peaches  150 hp down to 100 points. He then knock the beast claws of  and replay the beast. He then swong his word in a counter attack that land a critical hit) 
(It instantly delta 300 hp damage to beast. And it fail down with mighty roar and disappear into a million of little green data bits. An then there belief moment of silent follow by roar and cheer of million sectors. It's didn't take long for peach to get the memo , and he begin to get over joy with happiness)

"Hey... i did  it "

"I really did it ya who!!!!" (jumps for joy with his fist held high in the air)

"I'm i bet my first opponent!!!

"That was amazing , I can't believe i never done something so exciting before in my life"

"Did you see that i totally own that leo lion!!"

(and shouted)-
"Woooooo hooooooo!!" (in the air)

"I'm the video Game king of the world baby"


Other Self/Avatar-
"Un believable a min ago, you crying like a little baby. Saying how never could beat something like
and now acting like you so big and though. Whats up with that?"

"Ya..Well that's because ..well I didn't think I could actually win at. Until you show"

Other Self/Avatar-
"Well your attitude about it is kind cute. But you certainly aren't modest about it that's for sure"

Other Self/Avatar-
"hump..Not bad for first though, but you still have allot to learn "

(even the announcer was stock that peach won the fight. as he said)

"Un believe-able the kid mangiest to win , in most incurable"

"who would expect this folks"

"But will he over come hes next extincting match you just have to find out and see

Other Self/Avatar-"looks like thing's have just begun"

Other Self/Avatar-"You ready round 2 you pussy , cause its only going to harder from here out"

Peach-"I think I can mangiest"

Other Self/Avatar-"Aright but done slow me down, were in this together aright"


(End of chapter 2)


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United States
hi i'am collage kid whose very creative and imaginative but can't draw very well. So i'am looking for people who can help me out with my Manghwa idea's. it's pretty much a cross between a manga and manwha it's pretty much like Japanese picture book , but you can't color it.
My Dream in life is to someday become the worlds greatest inventor with world's greatest army (my own army)

I'm good old fashion hard core anti-Americanism . An darn proud to be one

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